Cool Halloween Costume Ideas to Impress Everyone

Halloween has come once again, and now you have to think quickly to be able to find the best costume to use this year. But remember to choose suitable costume that will match the theme of the party you will attend. Furthermore, you surely want to appear cool in the party. That is why; try to use these cool Halloween costume ideas to give you some inspiration on the outfit you will wear.

8 Cool Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Rocket man costume

There are a lot of guys that want to be astronaut when they are younger, but after they become adult they forget about the dream to go out to space. Try to make your childhood dream come true by creating this cool rocket man costume by using fake body as the rocket man then cover your legs with the fire.

Cool Halloween Costume Ideas Rocket Man Costume

2. Buzz Lightyear costume

You surely know how cool Buzz Lightyear is from the movie Toys Story especially with his big armor that makes him look strong. Try to be as cool as your favorite character by making this costume using balloon attached to each other.

Cool Halloween Costume Ideas Buzz Lightyear Costume

3. Lady Joker costume

For the ladies who want to appear cool, do not afraid to take on the role of male villain. But twist the character around by making lady version instead that will make it appear even cooler. For example the Lady Joker costume that can be a cool choice for villain lover out there.

Cool Halloween Costume Ideas Lady Joker Costume

4. Maleficent Costume

Of course, if you want to be female villain then you can still do it by creating this cool female villain costume. Create Maleficent costume with her big and dark wings to impress everyone.

Cool Halloween Costume Ideas Maleficent Costume

5. Princess Elsa costume

Another approach is by making pretty but still cool costume to show how beautiful you can be even in Halloween. That is why; try to create this Princess Elsa costume and be the center of attention in the party.

Cool Halloween Costume Ideas Princess Elsa Costume

6. Skull couple costume

Now if you go with your partner, then you need to create couple costume instead. Do not be confused as you only need to be creative. Just go as yourself but in skull form to show the scary side. Create cool dark costume from your daily outfits then wear thick make up and show the bony side of your appearance.

Cool Halloween Costume Ideas Skull Couple Costume

7. Russell and Carl Fredricksen costume

Children also want to be as cool as the adult. But they still need to be cool as their age so take reference from cartoon movie such as the UP movie. Dress up the children with cute Russell and Carl Fredricksen costume. They will surely able to get a lot of candies during treat or tricking.

Cool Halloween Costume Ideas Russell And Carl Fredricksen Costume

8. Lego Family costume

If you are hosting party with your entire family, then try to coordinate the costume with everyone. This cool Lego costume can be your family costume where everyone can choose their favorite Lego character.

Cool Halloween Costume Ideas Lego Family Costume

Those are several cool Halloween costume ideas that you can try to create and use to appear cool during the party you attend later.

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