Fun and Festive Halloween Party Games for Kids

When you create a Halloween party, do not forget to arrange some activity that the guest can do. Especially when the guests are kids since they are more likely to be bored if they do not do anything in a long time. If that is the case, then you might want to have several Halloween party games for kids that come to attend the party. The game should have Halloween feel, but not too scary so the kids will love them.

8 Halloween Party Games for Kids Ideas

1. Witch hat ring toss

The ring toss game had always been favorites in many parties especially for kids. But try to make this game to be Halloween themed by using witch hat instead of plain cone. Just make the witch hat yourself using black color paper and decorate it with some colorful paper for the detail.

Halloween Party Games For Kids Witch Hat Ring Toss

2. Spider egg toss

If the ring toss seems too ordinary, then you can try to create this unique spider egg toss. Just create the spider web using hula hoops then attached some masking tape as the web. Attached several fake spiders and use cotton ball as the eggs which going to be toss into the web.

Halloween Party Games For Kids Spider Egg Ring Toss

3. Pumpkin golf

For more fun Halloween games for kids, then try to create this pumpkin golf game. Just buy a fake pumpkin but choose one that is carve able so you can carve mouth on the pumpkin that is big enough for the golf ball to go through.

Halloween Party Games For Kids Pumpkin Golf

4. Donut eating contest

Eating contest always been so fun to do, but this time makes it a little bit harder for the monster to eat it. Attached some donuts on the strings then hung them before the contest begins.

Halloween Party Games For Kids Donuts Eating Contest

5. Halloween musical chairs

Another fun game to play is the musical chairs where the kids have to compete to be the last one sitting in the chair. Plays some fun music then stop the song in the middle for the kids to run to their chairs.

Halloween Party Games For Kids Halloween Musical Chairs

6. Pumpkin bowling

Bowling is always fun even for adult, but turns out the kids will also love this game. You do not need to purchase a real bowling set, instead just use toilet paper rolls and draw some ghost eyes on them. Now for the ball, you need to find a small pumpkin that is round enough so it can roll around for the kids to bowling using it.

Halloween Party Games For Kids Pumpkin Bowling

7. Pumpkin piñata

Halloween is all about the candy; but try to makes it more fun for the kids to acquire the candy from inside a piñata. You can DIY the pumpkin piñata or purchase one in your favorite Halloween City store.

Halloween Party Games For Kids Pumpkin Pinata

8. Egg monster search

Another method that you can use to make the party more fun is by doing egg monster searching. Just use your Easter egg then color them with vibrant color and draw some scary face on them so they will become egg monster. Hide the egg monsters in the garden for the kids to find.

Halloween Party Games For Kids Egg Monster Search

Those are several Halloween party games for kids that you can do in your event to make the party more festive.

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