Fun and Festive Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Parties had always been the center of Halloween. Of course all of the kids will want special and extra festive party to attend too. Surely you want to use Halloween party ideas for kids that are more suitable for their age so they can enjoy the party to the fullest. Do not worry as we have gathered the most favorite ideas that you should combine to create the best parties in your neighborhood.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids Monster’s Ball Theme

8 Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Monster’s ball theme

Make the kids excited for the parties by having them dress up as monster for the parties. Create a Monster’s Ball party theme where all of the monsters gather around on Halloween.

Monster Eye Balls Rice Krispie Bites

Put out cute lantern décor

Even though it is Halloween, but they are still kids so the party should not be scary. Instead try to put out some cute lantern décor which still have Halloween feel to them since they are in the appropriate green, orange, black and purple color scheme.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids Put Out Cute Lantern Décor

Halloween monster cakes

For kids party means they can eat cakes, and Halloween party is no exception. It would be better if there is someone having birthday on Halloween, but even if there is none, you should try to provide Halloween cakes as the main treat.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids Halloween Monster Cakes

Pumpkin throwing games

Do not forget to provide some games to play but you do not need to make it hard to do. Instead just create a pumpkin throwing games where the kids can throw pumpkin balls. Get some orange color bucket then put them up on the wall in pumpkin shape. Attached some orange color paper to the bucket as the target, and do not forget to provides some gifts for those managed to pop the papers.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids Pumpkin Throwing Games

Ghost cupcakes

Cupcakes has always been the perfect treats for kids, thus you might also want to have them in your party. Make a chocolate flavor cupcakes then spread some sugar on top. Do not forget to put three chocolate chips as the ghost eyes and mouth.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids Ghost Cupcakes

Halloween s’mores

Who does not like s’mores, surely the kids will love it if they can eat them as Halloween party food that you provide. Just get chocolate bars and marshmallow in ghost shape as well as graham crackers.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids Halloween S’mores

Scary oranges

After all of those sweets food that you provide, the parents surely want their kids to have healthier option to eat. Try to draw pumpkin face to several oranges to make them look interesting.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids Scary Oranges

Halloween movies

To make the party more fun, try to turn on Halloween movies as the main activity. Of course, the movies should not be too scary but still interesting enough for the kids to watch. Movies like hocus pocus, spooky buddies, Halloween town and even cartoon like nightmare before Christmas is still suitable for Halloween even though it look like Christmas themed but it is actually released as Halloween cartoon.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids Halloween Movies

Those are several Halloween party ideas for kids that you can use to make your party more festive and fun for the kids.

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