Funny Halloween Costumes That will Makes You Laugh

Halloween party comes in different kind of theme from scary monster to cool superhero. However, sometimes you need to use funny Halloween costumes if the theme of the party is unique and funny. And the funny thing is, people actually think harder when to come to creating Halloween costume with funny theme. To give you inspiration, here are some inspirations that you might want to use.

8 Funny Halloween Costumes Ideas

1. Soap and water costume

If you going to the party with your partner, then you need to match each other, so try to make a couple costumes that will complement one another. The good example is this soap and water costume where one of you can be the soap with bubble and the other will be water with rubber duck.

Funny Halloween Costumes Soap And Water Costume

2. Minions costume

Now if you are going with large group of friends, then you need to prepare costume that will differentiate your group from other group. These minions costume really stand out in the crowd since it has yellow color.

Funny Halloween Costumes Minions Costume

3. Two face costume

What if you go alone to the party? Do not be afraid as you can still go with a ‘partner’ to the party. Try to make this two face costume so you can become two persons at once.

Funny Halloween Costumes Two Face Costume

4. Cereal bowl costume

Everyone loves cereal any time of the day and that includes during Halloween. Show your love for cereal by becoming a cereal bowl. The plus point is, you can even bring your favorite cereal box to the party.

Funny Halloween Costumes Cereal Bowl Costume

5. Red riding hood and wolf costume

It will be very hard to separate your kids with their dogs. Even on Halloween they want to take their dogs for treat or tricking. If that is the case, then try to make this funny kids Halloween costume where your kids will become the red riding hood and their dogs become the wolf.

Funny Halloween Costumes Red Riding Hood And Wolf Costume

6. Pokemon costume

Pokemon is very popular these days, thus many people try to make this outfit as their costume. Furthermore, it is also very unique and funny as there are various things you can do with it. You can choose to be the tamer with the signature Pokeball to capture the Pokemon. Or you can choose to be one of 802 Pokemon out there that has funny appearance. This costume idea also good for those who go to the party in group so there would be tamer and Pokemon in the group.

Funny Halloween Costumes Pokemon Costume

7. Social media costume

Your friend always said you are addicted to social media? Then it is time to show them how further you can go by using this social media costume. Create a costume with your favorite social media logo.

Funny Halloween Costumes Social Media Costume

8. Firefox costume

Who does not know Firefox? You might even read this article using your Firefox browser. Now try to be the icon by making this Firefox costume. Just create a giant globe and big tale to go around it.

Funny Halloween Costumes Firefox Costume

Those are several funny Halloween costumes that you can try to use when you want to go to a funny party theme.

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