Scary and Cool Female Halloween Costumes

Attending Halloween party is always been a fun thing to do. Especially; since you get to dress up in various costumes that you do not normally use. Of course, as female you still want to look the best in any situation, while still appear appropriate for the event. There are various female Halloween costumes that you can actually use with different theme to suit the event. Whether it is scary or cool, you surely want to check out several of the ideas there.

8 Female Halloween Costumes Ideas

1. Saw girl costume

Billy the puppet is actually very popular character from saw that female can still dress up as. You can even make it appear sexy by using red stilettos tie and make it appear boyish by using tux.

Female Halloween Costumes Saw Girl Costume

2. Valak the nun

With the new movie coming out recently, then this costume would be the best women Halloween costume that you should use. Just dress up as valak from the movie by using nun costume. Then use white make up for your face with black color eye shadow and lipstick.

Female Halloween Costumes Valak The Nun

3. Dark queen costume

Queen is always been favorite costume instead of princes for little girl. But make it Halloween flavor by going as dark queen instead. Put up your best black dress and search for black crown. Buy white contact lens which will make your eyes look scary.

Female Halloween Costumes Dark Queen

4. Pokeball girl costume

Pokemon Go is very popular these days, and if you are one of the fans, then tries to shows it with your costume. Dress up as Pokeball girl by using red and white costume. You might need to DIY the belt to match the center part of the Pokeball.

Female Halloween Costumes Pokeball Girl Costume

5. Red Riding Hood

If you want to be a character from your childhood, then you can also do that. Try to be the red riding hood by wearing all red outfits. Do not forget to put on your riding hood and bring basket if you want.

Female Halloween Costumes Red Riding Hood

6. M&M candy costume

Now if you go to the party with your girl squad, then try to make it funnier by dressing up in the same costume. Try to be the M&M candy that everyone loves but in different color so you all can complement one another.

Female Halloween Costumes M M Candy Costume

7. Angel and Devil costume

If you go with your best friend, then try to use matching costume that suits both of you. This angel and devil costume might be the one you want to use as they are pretty easy to create.

Female Halloween Costumes Angel And Devil Costume

8. Bat girl costume

Now if you are running out of time to make your costume, then try this easy idea. Just use your black dress that you already have. Next create bat wings then attached it to the dress using pins. Do not forget to create a hook on the end of the wings so you can put the hooks on your fingers to show the bat wings.

Female Halloween Costumes Bat Girl Costume

Those are several female Halloween costumes that you can use or even create yourself for fun and scary party that you will attend later.

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