Scary and Fun Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Decoration is always important for any party, especially when it is Halloween as it is very special event. So you need to find decoration that is unique and also suitable for the Halloween theme. Of course, the decoration will also make the place more festive so you will all ready to party. Here are some Halloween party decoration ideas that you can put up to make the party look amazing to the guest.

8 Halloween Party Decoration Ideas for Festive Look

1. Scary pumpkin

The number one decoration that you need to put out is the scary pumpkin. As you know Halloween is identified with Jack O Lantern, thus you need to put several pumpkin all around the party area. Carve different face expression on the pumpkin to make them more interesting.

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Scary Pumpkin

2. Giant spider

What would be scarier than a giant spider on the corner of your ceiling? Try to create your own giant spider by using black colored balloon as the body then attached several black color ribbons around it as the legs. Now, this might not look scary during the day, but at night with less light in the room, it will be very scary.

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Giant Spider

3. Rats invasion

Rats that invade the house would be very scary to see. Now try to cut off some rats image in black paper then attached them to the staircase to make the guest scared to go up.

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Rats Invasion

4. Dancing ghost

Do not forget to use Halloween outdoor decoration to welcome the party goers when they first arrived in the venue. Attached some balls into a rod then just arrange them in the yard. Then use some white plastic to wrap the balls and rods so they will appear as ghost.

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Dancing Ghosts

5. Front door décor

Do not forget to also decorate your front door when you preparing for the party. Try to put several pumpkin all around the stairs and door. Hung some bats made from paper and put some witches broom in front of the door.

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Front Door Decor

6. Flying ghost

You can also decorate your lights by putting some flying ghost around it. Make it yourself by using small balls wrapped in cheese cloth. Do not forget to draw scary ghost face before hanging them in your lights.

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Flying Ghosts

7. Frightening skull

Another must have item in Halloween is the skull decoration. If you collect them then this is time to put them all out. Put several skulls on the chair and have them grab a glass as if they are one of the guests. Then put several head skull around the table to blend everything perfectly.

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Frightening Skull

8. Play with lights

Actually everything can be scary with the right lights. That is why; you need to play with the lights as part of your decoration. Turn off the ordinary lights around the place then use Halloween lights instead. Put different color lights strategically around the room to highlight the main icons in the room.

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Play With Lights

Those are several Halloween party decoration ideas that you can do around the place to make your event more fun and festive but also scary.

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