Scary Halloween Party Snacks to Treat Your Guest

Every party needs some snacks to entertain the guest while they are chatting and having fun with other guest. Of course that also includes Halloween party. However, as it is Halloween, then the snack should not be ordinary. Instead the snack should be scary so it will make the guest afraid but still interested to try them. Here are several ideas on Halloween party snacks that you can use as the party treat to make the guest busy.

8 Halloween Party Snacks Ideas

Monster bread

If you want to put out some bread to make the guest a little bit full while waiting for the main dish to be cooked. Then try to put out several monster breads. Color the bread with green coloring, and then cut them in half but not all the way. Spread some peanut butter then put several white chocolate balls as the monster teeth.

Halloween Party Snacks Monster Bread

Finger sandwich

Instead of making the sandwich wide, try to roll the white bread to create finger shape. Cut several lines on the surface of the bread to make it appear as real finger. Put tomato sauce on the end of the finger as if it is cut off and bloody. Then use almond nut that you already color in red to be the nail.

Halloween Party Snacks Finger Sandwich

Eyeball taco

Everyone loves taco so try to have some in your party. But make it into creative Halloween food ideas by adding some eyeball inside the taco. Cut several olives as the eye and put cheese spread as the white part of the eye.

Halloween Party Snacks Eyeball Taco

Mummy truffles

Truffles are available in different taste from chocolate to pumpkin spice, which is why; you can provide them for your party quest. Make the appearance more interesting by making them into mummy. Use white chocolate for the outside then draw several strings for the mummy wrap. Do not forget to put eyes on them too.

Halloween Party Snacks Mummy Truffles

Spider egg

Now, you would also want some spiders in your party treat, so it is time to make one. Just make your usual egg snack, but cut several black olives and arrange them into spider on top of the egg.

Halloween Party Snacks Spider Egg

Scary cookie

Having several cookies is a must since this treat is pretty light so everyone loves to snack on them. Just put your regular cookie, but make it scary by decorating them using choose and cutting them in monster shape.

Halloween Party Snacks Scary Cookie

Pumpkin cake pop

Small size cake pop always welcome especially by those who has sweet tooth. Make it more suitable for Halloween by coating them in orange color caramel coat instead of the regular chocolate coating. Do not forget to draw the scary pumpkin face with chocolate.

Halloween Party Snacks Pumpkin Cake Pop

Bone cookie

Another cookie idea that you need to bake yourself is by shaping the cookie in bone shape. Then use white chocolate to coat the entire surface to make it appear like a real bone.

Halloween Party Snacks Bones Cookie

Those are several Halloween party snacks that you can use to make the event appear scary while still providing enough treats for your guest to snack on.

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