Best Luau Party Ideas to Throw the Funniest Party Ever

If you are seeking for the best Luau party ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Luau party decorations, party games, Hawaiian party food and more other great ideas are waiting for you here. You just need to pick some that work for you and then throw the most fun Hawaiian Luau party ever!

Luau Party Decoration Ideas

Let’s start with the decorations. For the decorations, you may need to use your creative side to make a nice creation for the party. Here are some key decorations that you can take into account.

  • Fun Hawaiian table sheet

For the table sheet, you can go for a white wide table sheet and then decorate it by yourself. You can apply raffia as table skirt and then glue artificial flower petals around the table surface. To make your table looks even more appealing; don’t forget to add a centerpiece too. In this case, you can go for pineapple centerpiece for perfect Luau feeling.

Fun Hawaiian Table Sheet

  • Raffia flowered for the wall

In addition to the one you use to decorate the table, you can also go for raffia flowered when it comes to decorate your wall. You can then add some Hawaiian leis on the wall to make it more beautiful.

Raffia Flowered

Luau Party Food Ideas

After you have done with the table, now it’s time for you to think about the foods that you want to serve on the table. Here are some foods that you can add to your Luau party ideas.

  • Coconut Hawaiian cupcakes

A cute little coconut Hawaiian cupcakes will create a perfect touch on your serving tables. It looks fantastic and you can enjoy the delicious of it as well. It will be a nice sweet treat for your guests.

Coconut Muddy Buddies

  • Coconut muddy buddies

It is no secret that coconut is a perfect food for any Hawaiian party. Coconut muddy buddies can be a great choice for you Luau party too!

Coconut Hawaiian Cupcakes

  • Shave ice

Then for the refreshment, a glass of shave ice will be a great treat. You can add any flavoring you love and add some ice cream too.

Shave Ice

Luau Party Game Ideas

Then, to spice up the party, we need some games to have fun. Here are some of the easy games that will be suitable for your Luau party.

  • Build a volcano

For this game, you will need rubber bands, string or ribbon and plastic cups. Then, attach 4 pieces of ribbon to the rubber band. With 4 players on every team, each player will grab one string they need to try to stack the plastic cups into pyramid by using the rubber band only.

Build A Volcano

  • Lei toss

It is a super easy game to try. You just need to prepare for as many leis as possible and then ask your guest to toss leis to the others. Then, see how many leis can be caught to the neck without using hands.

Lei Toss

That’s all some of the best Luau party ideas that you can take into account. Now, there is no doubt that you can throw your own fun Luau party!

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