Hawaiian Birthday Decoration Ideas

Keep your blankets, because we will face summer. All kinds of interior and home accessories related to winter are time to put in a storage cabinet. For you who want to hold a party, why don’t you try to decorate a Hawaiian-style party? Hawaii is a paradise for lovers of tropical climates. The Hawaiian birthday decoration ideas are identical with navy blue, palm trees or wood furniture. How do you present this paradise at your party?

In decorating a birthday party in Hawaiian style, there are a number of things that you must pay attention to. First, the Hawaiian birthday party decoration is synonymous with relaxing colors that are identical with nature. The most common colors that you can use are yellow sand, olive green, sea blue, red, and green palm trees. Second, furniture that is identical to Hawaii is made of wood or rattan. Mahogany furniture with dark accents is suitable to be paired with a smooth color. In addition, Hawaiian-style furniture is also synonymous with floral motifs with bright colors. In terms of accessories, the Hawaiian style is synonymous with tropical flowers. Green plants around the house, and walls decorated with flowers. Unique and natural sculptures or accessories are also identical to Hawaiian style.

In general, Hawaiian birthday decoration ideas are synonymous with smooth, light and cheerful decorations. In addition, do not forget to enter as many natural elements as the beach. Below are more tips to prepare the decorations for Hawaiian birthday party

Preparing Hawaiian Birthday Decoration Ideas

  1. Garland

You can use a garland which is usually spread on the wall. Use thick needles and threads to put together the garland as simple birthday decorations. You are ready to decorate the interior of a vibrant birthday party room. You can use anything to make the garland.

  1. Colorful paper

Folding paper is certainly an easy matter, especially if the results of simple birthday decorations look beautiful. You can use any inspiration of origami on the internet. Use thick colored paper and fold it neatly before putting it together on the ends. This simple birthday decoration can be placed on the wall or hung according to taste. Match the birthday theme, this simple birthday decoration won’t disappoint!


  1. Use fresh fruits

Don’t miss a simple birthday decoration in the form of fresh fruits in each of your dishes. This simple Hawaiian birthday decoration ideas can easily be presented in various forms. Especially since Hawaii is a tropical country, fresh fruit would be very essential. The choice of decoration on this one can be directly eaten as a dessert that makes the birthday party become fresher.

  1. Food

Since you hold a birthday party, it would be definitely not complete without the presence of food, beverage and sweet. Take advantage of this mandatory meal by presenting a dessert table as a Hawaiian birthday decoration ideas to make it as the center of attention at the party.

Hawaiian Luau Food Luau Food

  1. Dress code

The dress code is very obvious. For boys, they can wear the Hawa

iian shirt. For girls, they can use the summer dress. The bright colors from the clothes will make the party vibe brighter too!

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