Luau Party Ideas for Adults

Having a party is something that cannot be avoided by anyone; even though it is just a birthday party, Thanksgiving, graduation party, or wedding reception. Everyone must have their own party. Bored with the rigid party atmosphere in the room, you can try alternative beach parties. Beach parties tend to bring a relaxed and dynamic atmosphere that is suitable for those of you who are young at heart. You can have the Luau party ideas for adults if you want to hold a party outdoor.

Luau is a Hawaiian food party. Traditionally, the Luaus celebrated a big event in Hawaii like an honorary official or marriage. The party can last for days and involve a lot of food. Today, restaurants and hotels offer small-scale Luaus that celebrates Hawaiian culture and cuisine. You will often find entertainment such as hula dancers and fire dancers offered to guests along with traditional roast pork.There are many small details that will help you create a Luau party ideas for adults. Or you can turn it into a campy party with lots of tacky lights, plastic hula girls and more. Planning to have a party in the near future? No need to worry, here we present tips on having a party on a pleasant beach.

Tips to Have a Luau Party Ideas for Adults

  1. Selection of beach locations

Having an outdoor party, the first thing you have to think about is where the party is held. Not all beaches can be used as a place for parties. Be sure to choose a beach that is easily accessible, provides access to clean water, and of course a large open area. Don’t forget to take care of licensing first if needed. Some famous beaches in Bali can be used for parties.

  1. Age of invited guests

At first glance, age looks trivial and is rarely considered when holding a party indoors. It’s different if you have a party on the beach. Make sure you prepare more security if there are small children and parents. Also, make sure the party does not go too late if there are children. Instead, provide games for them so they don’t get bored during the party. However, since you want a Luau party ideas for adults, you can focus on what’s the things that should be in adults’ party.

  1. The party time is adjusted to the comfort of guests

Timing is related to the arrangement of the event that you will make. Make sure the time you choose is adjusted to the comfort of guests. If the weather tends to be hot, choose the time before the afternoon. In addition to events and guest comfort, food problems are also influenced by time selection. Make sure you choose the time that is close to the time of the meal and adjust the menu with the time of the party.

  1. Food and soft drinks

Food is also an important element in your party. In addition to the main dishes in the form of heavy food, various juices can be the right choice for your beach party. Also, make sure you prepare various types of light snacks that are always accessible to your guests during the party. Read recipes a day or more before the party to help plan meal times for Luau party ideas for adults. Pay attention to meat recipes that require preparation first. For example, if you plan to build a traditional hole to roast pig kalua, you will need a lot of time to prepare it.

  1. Decoration

The advantage of parties that are held outdoors is the lack of decoration needs. Even so, it doesn’t hurt you to add a little ornament that confirms theLuau party ideas for adults. Little flowers for weddings, bright colors on tables and chairs for birthdays, and some little touches you can play as decorations. You can create a mood for your party with minimal fees. In fact, you can even plan to eat your decorations when Luau is finished if you use pineapple and coconut as an element in your design! As you can see in the simple center above, pineapple, coconut, two silk leaves, paper umbrellas, and tropical fish make a simple and colorful design.

The Best Luau Party Ideas for Adults

  1. Decorations

For the natural atmosphere of Luau party ideas for adults, pay attention to some of these decoration such as coconut, bamboo placemats,real parrot, real tropical flower arrangements with orchids, coconut leaves, hibiscus,Tiki torch, pineapple, Tiki mask, Palm tree, Seashells, slim tablecloths, original flowers subside, and napkin rings.

  1. Food and drink

Luau party ideas for adults need some Luau dinner menu. In a traditional Luau, pigs are roasted in a hole dug in the ground called imu to make dishes called “kalua pig.” Realistically, most people don’t want to dig a hole in their backyard to bake a pig in the original Hawaiian style. Therefore, easier pork dishes are included in this Dinner Club menu. Seafood also plays a big part in the Luau menu so consider including a few offerings on your Dinner Club menu. Start the night with a Polynesian Pupu plate accompanied by a selection of Hawaiian cocktails As you might expect, fruit juices and rum play a big role in this cocktail. Take it slowly because this drink can sneak up on you on an exciting night. Coconut and pineapple are mandatory ingredients for your Luau. The Hawaiian food you might want to try is Poi. Made from taro roots, Poi initially appeared to dislike non-Hawaiians, but this is a nutritious staple food in the state.

  1. Music

Music for Luau party ideas for adults can be either traditional Hawaiian music or pleasant beach party music; both are lively. Make sure you are consistent and design other details about your party with a musical. For example, if you choose traditional Hawaiian music, choose low-key, natural decoration when setting the stage. However, if you feel like hosting a Luau beach party, go to beach party music and spend campy decorations like plastic hula dolls and cardboard trees.

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