Luau Pool Party Decorations

A luau party is a food festival for Hawaiian. But you don’t have to be a Hawaiian to hold a Luau party. You can create the Luau party by yourself. If you want to create this party, then you will need Luau pool party decorations. You can hold this party indoor or outdoor. Ask your guests to dress in colorful Hawaiian Aloha shirts and straw hats, and welcome them to your Luau with kisses and lei silk, real flowers or plastic. If you set a pleasant beach party atmosphere and add Luau pool party decorations like in the Elvis Blue Hawaii movie, raffia grass can add to the hula dancing atmosphere. Don’t forget to set the limbo contest!  To make your party become interesting and fun, maybe you can consider these tips below.

Tips to Create Luau Pool Party

  1. Sound system

Sound systems are identical elements in parties. The sound system ensures your voice is not disturbed by waves or the noise of the water. Don’t want the party you have prepared seems boring? Just prepare a playlist of your favorite songs and play them through a sound system.

  1. Prepare various types of games

One of the advantages of having an outdoor party is the availability of a large play area. The pool offers so many games. Beach volleyball, and soccer, to competition to make sand castles can enliven your party.

  1. Prepare extra towels and insect repellents

Visiting the pool without enjoying playing water is certainly not complete. Unfortunately, there must be your guests who don’t prepare towels. Make sure they can still enjoy playing water on the beach by providing spare towels. It’s also a good idea to light candles or fragrances during the party to reduce insect disturbances.

  1. Prepare a Backup Plan

For those of you who decide to hold an outdoor party, such as the pool party, it is very important and required to make a backup plan. Make sure you and the guests have a comfortable shelter so that the event can keep going. Discuss this backup plan with your party organizer and party vendors.

The Best Luau Pool Party Decorations


  1. Plastic leis
  2. Plastic hula dancers
  3. Small paper grains for your drink
  4. Fake palm tree
  5. Surfing board
  6. Delightful party lights above and around your buffet table
  7. Pick plastic for drinks
  8. Tropical confetti design
  9. Beautiful tropical tablecloths, napkins and party items on paper or vinyl
  10. Flowers

Hawaiian Luau menu

Doesn’t just focus on Luau pool party decorations, since Luau is about food, make sure you serve your guests with many Hawaiian Luau foods and drink. Below is the list.

  1. Rumaki
  2. Mai Tai
  3. Ono Nui Shrimp
  4. Ono Ribs
  5. Cocktail
  6. Chicken Long Rice
  7. Blue Hawaii drink
  8. Aloha Sweet Potatoes
  9. Lomi Lomi Salmon
  10. Hawaiian Grilled Fish Salad
  11. Hawaiian Roasted Pork
  12. Kona Coffee
  13. Jackfruit Butterscotch Nanase
  14. Macadamia Coconut Cake

Make sure that you use your Luau pool party decorations in the decent amount so the venue won’t fill with so many things. You will also need enough room so your guest can walk comfortably.

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