Things to Do for Hawaiian Prom Theme

Sometimes lately, prom by the beach is often used as a choice by many schools to create the different atmosphere. That’s because a beachfront prom does have its own magical aura. Sunlight, the sound of waves and the humid smell of seawater add to the impression of natural romance. However, Hawaiian prom theme has their own challenges outside of what we imagine, there will be certain conditions that must be considered that might occur. Check it out!

Tips to Hold a Hawaiian Prom Theme

  1. Place Selection

Before you decide which beach you will choose as the prom venue, it’s a good idea to do your research and survey first. Not all beaches will give you permission to install tents or make noise (use of sound systems). You also need to find out the weather conditions in the months of your wedding, whether the sea water is rising, or the wind is blowing calmly, and also the time of sunrise and sunset. If you want to ‘play safe’, look for an indoor place equipped with access to the beach. That way you can position the dish or catering in a closed place, after taking the dish, you can enjoy it outside while enjoying the atmosphere of the beach. If needed, ask the coordinator to take care of everything related to permits so you don’t mess with these technical matters and still enjoy the prom. If you can’t find the indoor place by the beach, you have to add many Hawaiian prom theme elements to that place.

  1. Make a Tent

The weather conditions can change at any time if five minutes later the sun shines brightly, then five minutes later it could be heavy rain down the earth. Therefore, on this special and important day, you should consider this risk. Just prepare a tent that has been beautifully decorated, and if it rains suddenly, you and the guests just enter into a beautiful and comfortable tent and continue the fun party.

  1. Decoration Creations

Who says prom decorations on the beach are boring? You can choose the Hawaiian prom theme that is identical to the cheerful tropical colors with colorful flowers and fruits decorated. Or if you like something simple, choose elements that are identical with nature, such as bamboo, fir, and other green plants that you like.

  1. Pay attention to the comfort of guests

If having a party on the beach, it’s important to pay attention to the comfort of the guests. Pay attention to the quality of the cleanliness and taste of your dish. Ask the catering staff to close the food before serving, in addition to maintaining the temperature of the food, also to avoid being exposed to the beach sand that flies with the wind. Also, make sure the cleanliness of the restroom is also available for guests, if necessary, rent two or three portable toilets. Don’t forget to tell the janitor to always maintain the cleanliness and fragrance of the toilet.

There are many more tips to hold a Hawaiian prom theme. The decorations ideas are also easy to prepare.

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