Pokemon Party Costumes for Celebrating Birthday Party

Costume party can be the good theme for your children’s birthday party. One of the best options is using Pokemon party costumes as the main theme. Pokemon is a popular animation and the main character is the used of a lot of monsters. The list below can be a great alternative for your costume.

Snorlax Pajama  

Snorlax is the good option due to its funny face and eye-catching character. The main characteristic is his slanted eyes, big body, and blue color. This monster loves to eat grapefruit and sleeping is his hobby. It is better to buy the Snorlax costume in the form of pajama so you or your children can easily wear and remove it. Commonly, the costume is offered in various sizes such as S, M, L, and XL. To make sure that the costume is comfortable to wear, choose a costume with polyester material. Indeed, it looks cute and funny when your children wear the costume. It seems that your children will also happy to see you become a Snorlax.

Snorlax Pokemon Pajama Costume

Pikachu Cosplay  

Definitely, the main character is the best and you may wear a Pikachu costume for the birthday party. Pikachu is a cute character in Pokemon and becomes the main character. The bright yellow color along with red and black makes this character eye-catching. This monster protects himself and his friends with the electrical power from his body. Just make a surprise by wearing this costume. Definitely, children will come to you and try to hug you.

Pikachu Cosplay

Snorlax Cosplay

As one of the popular Pokemon characters, Snorlax costume is offered in various version. Besides offered in a pajama, you can also find Snorlax costume in the form of outfit. It seems that Snorlax in the form of a costume or outfit is better because it looks real than in the form of a pajama. By wearing this costume you can show the big body and the slanted eyes clearly. Definitely, the children will hug you as a Snorlax.

Snorlax Cosplay


Most children love dinosaurs and there is also one of Pokemon party costumes which is similar to a dinosaurs namely Charmander. This character is considered as a unique character due to its bright skin color and also fire on its tail. Despite its power, Charmander is still a funny character and the good option for a birthday party costume. Try to find a Charmander costume in the form of cloth so you can wear and remove it easily. Indeed, the children will also hug you and want to take a picture with you.

Charmander Costume


You may use a Bulbasaur costume. Bulbasaur is one of Charmander’s best friends. The appearance is different from Charmander. This monster is like a turtle which has light blue skin color. The power of this monster is a strong tail which comes out from his body. The light blue skin color will attract children to come. Then, you just need to walk just like a real Bulbasaur and the children are going to love it. You will get their attention with this Bulbasaur costume.

Bulbasaur Costume


How about if you have a cute daughter and you want to celebrate her birthday party interestingly? You don’t need to worry because there are also some the female Pokemon party costumes available. Because it is for female, choose a pokemon monster with pink color. The costume looks cute and your daughter will be happy to see you wearing that pokemon costume. The long tail and the piggy face will attract the children around you. Try to make some funny movements and they will come close to you and hug you.

Mew Pokemon Costume

A Set of Pokemon Party Costume

You may let the entire family wear Pokemon party costume. To make it easy, you can buy or hire a set of pokemon party costumes. Just choose the monsters who are in friends such as Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Piplup, Psyduck, and Mew. All of them are funny and cute and your children are going to love those characters. Just imagine how your children react if their parents, uncle, aunt, brother, and sister wear those Pokemon party costumes. Indeed, they will shock but happy at the same time. What makes those costumes interesting are on its bright color and cute face.


Do you want to buy a Pokemon party costume for your 3 or 4 years old children? If it is so, you can choose one of the funny characters known as Galesaur. Because it is for your little children, you have to make sure that the costume is comfortable to wear. That’s why you can choose to buy a costume in the form of a pajama or cloth so they can wear it right away. You may purchase a Galesaur costume made of coral velvet because it is a light material and comfortable to wear. The most important, it doesn’t trigger skin irritation for your children even if they want to wear the costume all day long. The design is eye-catching and your children look like a little cute monster with the costume. The costume is suitable for male or female children so you can just buy the cutest one just like what you want.

Pikachu Nightwear

Pikachu is also made in various designs due to its popularity. You can find a Pikachu in the form of a party dress, cosplay costume, pajamas, and even nightwear. For more references, you can also buy a Pikachu costume in the form of a jumpsuit. The best part of this model is that your children or you can wear it easily. The headgear is designed just like the head of Pikachu. A Pikachu costume made of coral velvet material is perfect for cold or winter because it is warm enough to wear. Definitely, you will have a funny and cute little Pikachu at home. Even, you can buy the bigger size costume to wear and they will be going to be happy to see their parent becomes a Pikachu at their birthday party.

Kids Boy Girl Animal Pajamas Costume Pokemon Pikachu Hoodies

The point is that Pokemon is a great theme because you can choose hundreds of costumes to wear. Those Pokemon party costumes are also cute and the children will love and happy to see it.

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