Pokemon Party Ideas for Your Beloved Children

Preparing a birthday party for your children is not an easy way to do. Pokemon can be a great birthday party idea due to its popularity. The characters are also eye-catching and most children know and like it. Just check the Pokemon Party Ideas below to get a simple and interesting birthday party for your lovely children.

Pokemon Birthday Party Invitation

A birthday invitation is the first thing you need to prepare. There are several printable birthday party invitations with the Pokemon theme you can use. Let your children choose the monster and print the invitation. It is a simple option and you can send the Pokemon party invitation right away. It seems that you are about to invite all the Pokemon trainers!

Pokemon Birthday Cake

A birthday party is incomplete without a birthday cake. There are several interesting and cute Pokemon birthday cakes you can use whether for boys or girl. For your beloved girl, you can order a Pokemon birthday cake with soft colors such as the combination of white and pink or cream. Commonly, the color is made of icing sugar or cream and children love the sweet flavor. Then, you can choose the Poke monsters and make sure that those are their favorite monster. For instance, you can choose Pikachu because it is the main character. Then, you can mix it with some female monsters such as Flareon, Clefairy, Vulpic, or Ninetales. Don’t forget to include the other eye-catching item, a Poke ball. For your lovely boy, you can use more masculine colors such as green and blue. You can also pick several male monsters such as Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, and many more. The icing sugar will make the characters look real just like what they watch on television.

Pokemon Party Ideas Pokemon Birthday Cake

Pokemon Birthday Snacks

Besides preparing the Pokemon birthday cake, you also need to prepare the snacks. Indeed, children love to eat snacks and you need to choose a delicious and healthy snack as well. For a simple and healthier option, you may decide to prepare fruits as the snack. To make it more interesting, you can use round bowl and try to find the black color. Then, prepare specific fruits such as banana and strawberry. Cut those two fruits into bite size and put it on the bowl. Try to manage it just like a Poke ball in which the banana or the white color at the bottom and the strawberry or the red color at the top. Make it perfect by putting a small bowl of mayonnaise in the middle of the fruits. Now, you have a bowl of fruit which looks like a Poke ball. Preparing a Poke Pizza is also a great option for the birthday snack. You just need to prepare a pizza bread and prepare the topping. First, you can cover the top of the bread with red ketchup and make sure it is not too spicy. Then, add some cheeses at the bottom of the pizza bread and red meat, red tomatoes, red paprika, or anything as long as it is in the red color for the other side of the pizza bread. Just add black color ingredients such as grape and a small slice of banana to shape the pizza looks like a Poke ball. Candy is also a good birthday snack because all children love this sweet food. You may cook the candy at home if it is necessary. Then, prepare the package such as using colorful papers. Buy the yellow, black, white, and red color papers and shape it just like the head of Pikachu.

Pokemon Party Ideas Pokemon Snack Bar

Pokemon Birthday Accessories

The other interesting Pokemon Party Ideas are the accessories to build the atmosphere of the party. There are also several unique and attracting accessories to support the birthday party with Pokemon theme. If you want to celebrate the party at night, you can decide to add cute Poke lampions. Prepare the materials such as wire for the frame and colorful papers. Choose the characters you want to use and make sure that most children, especially your kids know and love it. For the simple and fast option, you may create the head of Pikachu, Squirtle, and Charmander. Prepare several Poke lampions and hang it around the backyard. Turn the light and see how beautiful the yard with those funny and cute lampions. It is also a good idea to add some aromatherapy candles with a Pokemon theme. You may create the colorful candle and pick the aroma. Fruits or flowers aroma is a great option to make your children relax while enjoying the party. While putting an aromatherapy candle, you can also decide to put some Poke vases on the table. Just paint some vases with the color of Poke ball. Then, put some real plants and put on the table. It is a simple accessory but indeed it supports the theme of the birthday party.

Pokemon Party Ideas Pokemon Tableware

Pokemon Birthday Gift

When the place for the birthday party is ready, you still have to prepare one more item which is the gift for the guests. Most of the guests are of course the friends of your kid and they also love Pokemon. That’s why don’t give an ordinary gift for them. Try to prepare a gift which follows the theme of the birthday party. For instance, you can prepare a bag and it is designed just like a Poke ball. Just like the function of the Poke ball, the Poke bag can be used to put all the gifts the guests take after the birthday party. You will not run of ideas for this theme because there are several unique items you can take. A drinking bottle with Pokemon accessories is an interesting birthday gift for the special guests. You can fill the bottle with fruit juice and try to choose the color which similar to the color of the monsters in Pokemon. A jar is also a simple option but they can use it over and over again later. You may cook some cakes or candies with the similar color to the color of the monsters. Then, give the jar some accessories so it looks like that they are brought a Poke Monster home.

Pokemon Birthday Gift

By following the Pokemon Party Ideas above, you will have a great birthday party for your children. The most important, they will love the party and keep it as the unforgettable birthday party.

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